June 14, 1999

Olsten Health Services to Offer Disease Management Program for Congestive Heart Failure Patients

MELVILLE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 14, 1999--Olsten Announces Strategic Partnership With Alere(R) Medical To Provide In-Home Monitoring and Reporting

Olsten Health Services, North America's largest home health care company and a subsidiary of Olsten Corporation (NYSE:OLS), today announced that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Alere Medical Incorporated to deliver a disease management program which enhances Olsten congestive heart failure (CHF) patients' care.

Olsten will leverage Alere's DayLink(R) technology to provide daily-in home monitoring of patients, personal nursing interaction and regular status reports to better manage heart failure patients and link them to appropriate, early physician interaction. The CHF disease management program will initially be implemented in selected markets, with national expansion to follow.

According to Robert A. Fusco, Olsten Health Services president, "Daily monitoring of heart failure patients under a comprehensive disease management program can play a critical role in patient compliance to a prescribed regiment. Under this agreement with Alere, Olsten's homecare nurses will receive special alert reports, as well as regular status reports about their CHF patients, which will allow them to more closely monitor their conditions between home visits and attend to their immediate care needs."

Specifically, the DayLink Monitor will serve as a key information link between clinicians and Olsten's CHF patients. The monitor consists of a precision electronic scale, a simple display, and a communications devise that asks the patient physician-specified questions relating to their heart failure symptoms. It will then send weight and symptom data daily via telephone lines for review by both Olsten's home healthcare professionals and Alere nurses, who may then alert the patient's physician to negative changes. This process will enable physicians to provide immediate, appropriate intervention before more aggressive treatment or hospitalization is required.

Olsten expects that information obtained through Alere's DayLink Monitor will reduce its CHF patients' hospital admission rates, emergency room visits and the cost of care, as well as improve their quality of life.

CHF is one of the most common reasons people age 65 and older enter the hospital, but it is one of the most manageable heart disorders. According to the American Heart Association, nearly five million Americans suffer from heart failure, almost double the number of cancer cases reported, and, of those diagnosed with the condition, there is a 20% mortality rate. "It is one of the most costly illnesses to treat," Fusco noted.

"Olsten Health Services has already successfully implemented disease management programs for asthma and diabetes patients and has a demonstrated ability to help reduce costs and improve patients' quality of life on behalf of our managed care organization (MCO) customers. As the largest provider of in-home care, we expect our new CHF disease management program to deliver the same exceptional results to both the MCOs and our patients alike," Fusco said.

"We are very excited to join North America's largest home health care company and deliver the national home-based communications solution needed for successful management of CHF," said Melissa Prince, president and CEO of Alere. "We believe the future of health care delivery, and disease management in particular, will rely on seamlessly connecting data, patients, and physicians," Prince said.

Alere Medical Incorporated is a privately-held medical technology and service company based in San Francisco. Alere's mission is to meet the needs of chronically ill patients and reduce healthcare costs by measuring and transmitting key biometric parameters from the patient's house. Founded in 1996, the company has assembled a management team with more than 160 years of combined experience in the fields of healthcare delivery, technology development and sales and marketing.

Olsten Corporation, with 1,500 offices on three continents, is a world leader in staffing services, a significant provider of information technology services and North America's largest provider of home health care and related services. Olsten Health Services, with more than 400 offices in the United States and Canada, provides health care Network Services and caregivers for home health care, home infusion and other therapies, and marketing and distribution solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device firms. The Company operates more than 1,000 staffing offices - providing staffing solutions and assignment employees to business, industry and government - in North America, Latin America and Europe under Olsten Staffing Services and related brands. Olsten's information technology division, IMI Systems, provides design, programming and maintenance of computer systems, including focused solutions for applications management, e-commerce, quality assurance and enterprise support services to clients in North America and Western Europe.

In 1998, Olsten Corporation achieved revenues of $4.6 billion and employed approximately 700,000 people serving approximately 600,000 client/patient accounts.


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