July 25, 2001

Gentiva Health Services and Deltec, Inc. Announce Patient Safety Initiatives

Melville, N.Y., July 25, 2001—Gentiva Health Services, the nation’s leading provider of specialty pharmaceutical and home health care services, and Deltec, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ambulatory infusion devices, today joined in announcing a series of initiatives to enhance patient safety in the administration of infusion therapies. These initiatives focus on prevention of accidental free flow infusion, avoidance of infusion programming errors and continuous improvement in infusion pump designs.

As part of a previously-announced contract with Deltec, Gentiva today announced that it will eliminate the use of 14 varieties of infusion pumps currently in limited use and expand its use of three Deltec® infusion pumps: the CADD-Legacy® infusion pump, the CADD-Prizm® infusion pump and the Deltec® 3000 infusion pump. Under the agreement between the two companies, these three Deltec infusion pumps will become Gentiva’s sole preferred infusion devices.

Rodney Hornbake, M.D., Gentiva’s chief medical officer, said that Gentiva’s use of the three Deltec infusion pumps should contribute to enhanced patient safety since each pump is designed and equipped with safety features that prevent accidental free flow of infused solutions. “Preventing accidental free flow is critically important for patients receiving chemotherapy, intraspinal therapies and intravenous opiates,” Dr. Hornbake said. “We believe that the Deltec pump features should continue to increase the safety of home infusion therapy, and allow infusion patients to avoid hospitalizations.”

Gentiva and Deltec’s commitment to preventing accidental infusion free flow follows recommendations made by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), a leading accrediting agency for health care organizations, which has warned against the hazards of infusion free flow and urged infusion pump manufacturers to cease manufacturing infusion pumps that permit infusion free flow.

Gentiva also expects that its standardization of infusion pumps should contribute to overall patient safety in the administration of infusion therapies. “By reducing the variety of infusion pumps used by Gentiva, we expect to standardize our practices on the Deltec systems,” said Dr. Hornbake.

As part of the two companies’ commitment to patient safety, Deltec today reiterated its commitment to monitoring the performance of its infusion pumps and their design. “Gentiva is the nation’s largest provider of specialty pharmaceutical services, and it is recognized in the industry for its secure intranet-based event tracking system,” said Jim Stitt, president of Deltec. “Gentiva’s tracking system facilitates the collection and analysis of market data, which should prove helpful to enhancing Deltec’s understanding of how our products are used and how they can be continually refined to serve the best interests of patient safety and efficacy.”

Gentiva Health Services (Nasdaq: GTIV), a Fortune 1000 company, is the nation’s leading provider of specialty pharmaceutical and home health care services. With more than 300 locations in the United States, the company had approximately $1.5 billion in net 2000 revenues. For more information, visit Gentiva’s Web site, www.gentiva.com.

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